Academion brings you in contact with unique propositions that are birthed by various Dutch universities. These propositions are offered in various formats, from commercial ventures with a clear goal towards profit-maximization; from issuing shares to loans (which will often be the case with smaller investments). Furthermore, you can get acquainted with several social ventures: ventures that do not only primarily seek financial gain, but societal impact as well. Here, your return will be stemming from a fixed rate from a loan.

Finally, it is possible to encounter scientific research projects. These propositions have a clear and delineated research target with special returns, often including appealing fiscal conditions. All propositions are by definition linked to the universities and are intensively guided by the respective university professionals: Academion bears no responsibility for the results of the project or the venture.

Upon your investment in an university proposition, a commission to Academion will be required by the party that receives the investment. This commission will be 2% of the total sum. This percentage is applicable to all types of investments.

Investments can be confirmed by using standard contracts that are specially designed for Academion. These standard contracts are drafted and offered without obligation at attractive prices by one of the most prestigious law firms.

Project information

Below you can find short descriptions of the various propositions that are available at this moment. The full descriptions, as well as the proposed returns, will be made public to members of Academion on the website two weeks before the orientation meet-ups.

The propositions that listed here are generic in nature and stem from Leiden University.

  • A company that helps to improve the efficiency of drug discovery
    Software that gives companies the opportunity to make their work in drug discovery operate more efficiëntly, through making data more accessible.
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  • Hyperspectral Imaging
    Applications in Life Science Research & Development for hyperspectral imaging.
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  • Patient Driven Medicine

    This project develops new businessmodels in healthcare that guarantee the accessibility of medicine and care in the future. It develops fair and transparently priced medicines through an unique approach.

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  • Vacis
    A company that creates technology which enables vascular accessibilty for dialysis patiënts.
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  • Alzheimer on community level
    This company creates a new method for social control by cashiers for dementing elderly.
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  • Extraordinary excavations in Jordan
    Many of us know the mysterious city of Petra in Jordan. But not all of us know what is in its vicinity. With the help of mini-drones, GIS techniques, small excavations and surveys the Udruh Archaeological Projcet (UAP) aims to map several works from the period between 300 B.C.E to 100 C.E. Not only to gain more insights into history - but also to research if a number of the well-preserved canals can be used today.
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  • A city of kings in pre-islamic Arabia
    The Thaj Archaeological Projcet (TAP) thinks it has lokalised the trail of a very special tradinghub in pre-Islamic Arabië, and aims to research this more thoroughly.
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  • A new application for people with navigational problems

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